FamilyRachél Lather for Director, Soquel Creek Water District

Experienced, Educated, Effective

Fiscally Responsible & Resourceful

Public Service Not Private Interest

As a 22 year resident of Aptos and a civil engineer, I have followed the Soquel Creek Water District’s methods of dealing with the drought and providing treated groundwater to their customers. After the untimely passing of Board member Rick Meyer last year, I applied for and was selected unanimously to fill his position until the election this November.  I am now running for the remaining 2 years of this 4 year seat. (To read an article about my appointment to the Soquel Creek Water District earlier this year, please click here.)
I enjoy the challenge of being a Board member and have a positive, professional relationship with my fellow Board members and District staff.  With my background in water engineering and clean water advocacy, I am prepared to make the tough choices needed to maintain an affordable, safe, and environmentally sustainable water supply.
The Soquel Creek Water District provides water to about 38,000 residents within Aptos, La Selva Beach, Soquel, and the City of Capitola.  We serve over a hundred businesses, 22 parks, and 18 schools, with 100% of our water coming from wells along the coast. The groundwater basin also supplies other water agencies and private wells with water.
We have an extremely serious water situation and, with hard work, we will find solutions. Currently, the Board is aggressively studying advanced water purification and groundwater replenishment to recharge the aquifer overdraft.  We are also studying river water transfers and desalination, promoting advanced conservation efforts and seeking all possible options for a supplemental supply of water. A detailed Community Water Plan is available on the District’s website (www.soquelcreekwater.org).
It is an exciting time to be in the water business and I look forward to finding solutions to our water problem.  I have 32 years of experience as an engineer with over 18 years of water and wastewater experience. I am passionate about water and want to continue to help my community with my education, knowledge, and experience to pursue the best water sources for our community.

Thank you for your support on November 8th!