FamilyRachél Lather for Director, Soquel Creek Water District

Experienced, Educated, Effective

Fiscally Responsible & Resourceful

Public Service Not Private Interest

I am passionate about ensuring sustainable and safe drinking water is available to our community. To read a Times Publishing Group article about my appointment to the Soquel Creek Water District earlier this year, please click here.
With every problem, there is an opportunity to do something even better. As the Sanitation Engineer for the County of Santa Cruz, I focused on construction projects to replace faulty sewers while protecting nearby waterways and beaches. The majority of my projects were funded with partial or full grant funding, saving taxpayers over $15 million dollars. These projects included the replacement of sewers along Soquel Creek and Noble Gulch in Capitola, and Aptos Creek and New Brighton State Beach in Aptos and Capitola.
I have a track record for being an effective leader in completing important infrastructure projects that protect the environment. Conservation will continue to play a critical role in all of our water issues moving forward. I plan to use my skills to help our community develop a more diversified drought-resistant portfolio of water resources, including purifying recycled water and purchasing treated surface water from the City of Santa Cruz.
I earned both Bachelor and Master degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Davis, and have worked as a civil engineer for over 32 years.
I continue to attend classes and conferences to keep up to date on the technological advances in water, wastewater treatment, construction and financing.
Finding grants to cut costs for our customers is another skill set I bring to the table. Having the experience, education and skills to find ways of saving money as well as protecting our environment are crucial for our community.
I will use my 14 years of experience developing and managing Special District budgets to make sure that Soquel Creek Water District continues to be fiscally responsible.

Thank you for your support on November 8th!